3 Tips for Choosing the Best Tapware for Your Home

The tapware or faucets in your home are very important for both function and appearance. Tapware can be like an accent in a kitchen or bathroom space, adding some visual interest and style. However, you don't want to think only about the look of new tapware when you're ready to have a faucet replaced, as you need to understand its plumbing connection and consider its function as well. Note a few tips for choosing the best tapware for your home, for the kitchen or the bathroom.

1. Start with the plumbing

Tapware usually comes in a three-piece design or a mixer. The three-piece design refers to the hot and cold knobs or handles on the left and right, and the faucet itself in the middle. A mixer is just the faucet, with a handle behind it that you turn to the left or right to adjust the temperature of the water. Before you decide on which one you want for your home, check the plumbing. The three-piece design and the mixer both have different types of hoses and plumbing behind them, so unless you're actually renovating the plumbing of your home, you need to check this first. Remember too that sinks are drilled with the number of holes needed to support either a three-piece or mixer faucet; unless you're buying a new sink to go with the faucet, choose the type that will be supported by what's already in your home.

2. Function

After checking the plumbing, consider function. For a kitchen, you may want a taller faucet so that you can easily slide oversized pots and pans underneath and fill them with water. However, in the bathroom, a taller faucet may mean more water splashing onto the countertop next to the sink and a constant mess. You might even prefer a faucet with a smaller opening in the bathroom so there is less chance of splashing and also less water wasted every time someone washes their hands.

3. Design

When buying new tapware, this is your chance to add some style to your bathroom or kitchen. Don't settle for a cheap everyday faucet if you can afford something more stylish; look for an oil-rubbed bronze finish or even a matte black faucet to add some color and style in the space. For a modern look, opt for a square faucet rather than one that curves. Take your time to shop around different styles so you choose tapware that you'll be happy with and that works well in your kitchen or bath.