Keeping your home healthy this winter: A quick guide for lung cancer sufferers

As winter approaches, it is important for lung cancer sufferers to prepare for the cooler weather and reduce environmental factors that can worsen symptoms. If you suffer from lung cancer, check out this quick guide for keeping your home healthy this winter. Maintain good hygiene and diet Lung cancer, as well as some cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, can weaken your immune system. This leaves you more vulnerable than normal to viral and bacterial infections, and if you contract a respiratory infection during cold and flu season, your reduced lung function may make it particularly difficult to deal with.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Tapware for Your Home

The tapware or faucets in your home are very important for both function and appearance. Tapware can be like an accent in a kitchen or bathroom space, adding some visual interest and style. However, you don't want to think only about the look of new tapware when you're ready to have a faucet replaced, as you need to understand its plumbing connection and consider its function as well. Note a few tips for choosing the best tapware for your home, for the kitchen or the bathroom.